Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Road

Finding it tough to run an Etsy business while out of town so much. I travel to Maine to care form my Mom every two months and, even though my daughter is in California holding down the fort so to speak, nothing seems to happen. I know that everyone says list, list and relist but while I am up here I only have dial-up internet access and it is incredibly slow! So, I'll just have to be patient and work like a beast when I am in California. Anyone with any other suggestions?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And It Begins

Well, here I am. I'm putting myself out there to promote my small (very small) business of making bags and totes for all occasions with an emphasis on knitting.
As far back as I can remember, I have loved crafts and crafting. I learned to knit when I was in the third grade. My sister taught me shortly after she learned to knit. She made one item and quit but I continued to teach myself and never stopped. Even when it was unpopular for young people to knit I kept "clacking" away.
I learned to sew in junior high school. My mother and father both helped me learn to sew to make the items we couldn't afford to buy. I made tops in the 70's that I could wear today if I still had them. "What goes around comes around."
I have had different craft businesses throughout my life that worked for awhile but we moved around a lot (my husband was in the miliary and now the company he works for keeps us moving) so just when I got things going, I had to leave my customer base. Then, came the internet and I thought I would try it again. Years ago, I wove baskets and made handsowen items to help display the baskets. When I sold more handsowen items than baskets, I switched over to country dolls and christmas ornaments. That was great until we left the northeast and moved to the southeast where country isn't "the thing".
I stopped selling crafts for a number of years and then started again recently when I needed an outlet while staying at home ~ alone a lot with nothing to do. My daughter is now 21 and has an active life and my husband travels. I am unable to get a "real" job because I take turns with my sisters taking care of my mom so I have to travel myself. Every two months, I travel from California to Maine for three weeks to give my sisters a break from caring for my mom. If I could find an employer who would hire me and still allow me to go home (Maine) every few months, I'd get a job in a minute.
I take great pride in the items that I make and I have been trying hard to promote them on Ebay and Etsy.
My addresses are: http:/; my user ID on Ebay is lrichmond3 and I have several of my bags pictured on
I hope you will check out my sites and maybe find something that you would like for yourself or to give as a gift. My prices are extremely reasonable. And, wish me luck in my new venture.