Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bichon Frise Fans

Hi all you Bichon owners:

I've been wondering what to do about my beautiful bichon's dirty face. Some say that it is the Iams food he is eating but I can't change his food at this point. There has to be something else I can do. I don't like the idea of using chemicals and/or medications but I have heard that there is some sort of liquid you can put on the food but I don't know the name or it or what is in it. Any ideas, suggestions, advice? Thanks.

Shipping Internationally

What a dilemma! I just can't seem to get a handle on international shipping. I don't know if I'm just shipping challenged or "plain stupid". I've done my homework ~ at least I think I have. I've gone onto; filled out the exact information for weight and content and then when I sell something and go to mail it ~ it costs me twice as much. The markup on my items is very small so I lose money every time I sell something abroad.

Fellow "Etsiers" tell me I'm losing out by not selling internationally but it is just too costly. I'd love to have comments by others on what they think. Let me know, share your stories, give me some discouragement or encouragement. Just post!!! Thanks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wonderful World of Etsy

Hi Guys, just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of new bags listed on The holidays are coming up and now is a great time to pick up gifts for those knitters/crocheters in your life who need a really cute bag to put their projects in.

I'm now offering gift certificates for those of you who just can't choose the right bag and for those of you who can decide and don't want to bother with wrapping and mailing, I'll do that as well. Just let me know when you check out and I'll fix you right up.

Have fun looking at my listings on Etsy and don't forget to check Ebay as well. I occasionally list different items on Ebay. Just go to, click on the "Community" icon and type in lrichmond3 to see what I have listed.

Have fun, check back often and buy, buy, buy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trying to Reorganize

Wow, this Etsy stuff is fabulous, fun and frustrating all at once. I find that I'm wearing myself out sewing with little results. So, I've decided to give myself a shop makeover. I am doing the following things:

1. Purchased a new banner, 3 avatars, and business card graphics.
2. I'm going to offer holiday gift wrapping and shipping to an alternative address; and
3. Gift certificates.
4. I'm also making up thank you cards to include in my orders. (I already wrap my items in tissue and secure them with a gold label with "Bag Lady Bags" on it - along with my Etsy address, Ebay ID and e-mail address).

I convo people immediately and give feedback as soon as I am paid.

I find; however, that people don't like to return feedback. I guess it doesn't mean as much to them as an Ebay feedback so they don't feel compelled to do it. I have received many e-mails from people but not through the feedback channels.\

If anyone has any other ideas for me, let me know. I'd love to hear them.