Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks and Good Luck

Thanks to everyone who partiticpated in my questionnaire! Your participation will help me more than you know in designing a new knitting bag for my shop. I hope to have it done before Thanksgiving and I may put out a new questionnaire to name the bag (I like to name my bags!!).

Also, I would be interested in finding out what, if anything, everyone is doing for Thanksgiving weekend to drive traffic to our shops. I was in a forum on Etsy last week and people had some interesting ideas. Everything from free shipping to give aways was mentioned in order to get customers. There was even talk of banning together to create some sort of buzz. Someone else was going to print out some fliers and pass them out as well as offering coupons and discounts to previous buyers. All good ideas but I would be interested in hearing more if you would like to share.

In the meantime, keep creating, posting, and relisting...always going after the next sale. Thanks!!


SewMuchDetail said...

Gosh I'm excited to read everyone's ideas too. I know last year I did one of the Etsy showcases about that time. It's the only one that I've done. It did get me a lot of views which can lead to sales......I'm going to look for that thread you mentioned now. Have a blessed day!